Friday, March 23, 2012

Transport to LTL cancelled but this dog is still doomed.

The planned volunteer transport from Ann Bridges to Let Them Live Rescue has been cancelled. Unfortunately, it appears that the dog is still going to LTL. Wondering why the plan was changed but regardless, this dog is still not safe (in my opinion). I challenge all of you to follow this dog after she (or he) arrives at LTL. Maybe if they know they are being watched they will at least attempt to demonstrate some transparency and accountability with this dog.. unlike so many others. Sure would love to see some proof of vetting done, how funds raised are spent and proof that this baby gets the happy life she deserves after she leaves LTL.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update for followers of this blog

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing good and doing their part to make this world better for animals in whatever way they can. I just wanted to say a few things since all of a sudden there's been a ton of interest in this blog since the last posting.

First of all, this blog is intended to be about bad rescues, not about any one in particular. However, Let Them Live Rescue inspired this blog with their role in the Croft Transport of Death. They are operating very irresponsibly as I see it and this must not continue. Not when there is zero accountability or transparency in their rescue or proof that their rescued animals truly go on to have happy lives. This should be obvious but anyone can be fooled I suppose. So with that said, I fully expect for many of the future posts here to center around LTL and their many lies and bad decisions. They are never-ending and increasingly outrageous. I only post what I can prove or provide evidence to support, unless it's my personal opinions or my suspicious, in which case it will be clear that that's all they are.

Obviously I got someone's attention and this is a good thing. The victimization of animals should be something that we ALL fight against, no matter our personal issues or alliances with each other. If you are not willing to take an objective look at the people who are being questioned (and there are many of them) because there are red flags (no matter if you thought they were great), then what does this say about YOUR love for animals? I don't know about you, but I care more about the long-term happiness of an animal than I do about just getting him/her out the door of the shelter. No one wants to see animals getting slaughtered in our shelters but there truly are fates worse than death, as hard as this is to accept.

Oh and a big shout out to Ann Bridges for her planned transport to Let Them Live Rescue on March 24th from Gainsville, FL. to Taylorsville, KY. Anyone care about this dog at all? Ann sure as hell does not. I know for a fact that she should know better after her involvement in sending dogs to BUDDIES Rescue (Keith Wandell), not to mention that she was previously warned about Amy and LTL Rescue. Someone should really try to stop this poor dog from going to LTL but I think Ann is the sender so this poor dog is shit out of luck. :(

I will be posting more as I am able. It takes time to compile the facts and present them in a way that makes clear what it all means. Please be patient as I have a busy life with many other responsibilities and animal related endeavors. Thanks for your support, or your keeping watch anyway, lol.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rescuer offers to illegally dispense Propathol (Propofol) for the purpose of being given to a dog.

What's new with Let Them Die Rescue? Hmm, did I post that out loud? I meant Let Them Live Rescue. Well, it seems that among other things, Amy is now offering to illegally dispense the anesthetic Propathol (Propofol). She has offered to do this at least once that we know of - to a woman for the purpose of using it on her dog. Amy is not a doctor, in spite of her outrageous claims that she was fully educated as a veterinarian but just never bothered to get licensed. She has no authority to dispense this drug, period. It is highly unethical as well as illegal to do this and I cannot imagine how she is explaining herself for this one. I am sure she has a crazy ass story as usual to defend herself with. How she would even obtain this drug I have no idea nor why she would want it. This drug was meant to be used by doctors and vets in a hospital setting, not at home by laypersons. This would have clearly been a very dangerous thing for the poor dog in question. By the way, Propofol is the same drug that Michael Jackson was using and that was implicated in his death. So sure, it makes sense that you'd use this anesthetic on a defenseless animal at home without a veterinarian present, right?

Soooo... if AV is willing to break the law in this situation, in what other situations is she also willing to skirt the law when it suits her? What crimes has she already committed? Just how much does she love animals? I suspect about as much as the former director at MAS (Memphis Animal Services) cared about the animals there - he only cared about his salary, not the lives or suffering of the animals there. Do you really think AV is any different? You gotta wonder don't ya?

Shame on you AV, you are a danger to all the animals who are unfortunate enough to be anywhere near you!! Stop blaming everyone else for all the trouble that you continually find yourself in - you bring it on yourself - and maybe take up horticulture or something.. at least plants don't have feelings so how much damage could you do?

Propofol does not appear to be classified as a schedule IV drug per the Controlled Substances Act yet, but it looks like the future federal trafficking penalties for illegally trafficking propofol are likely to be the following according to the DEA:
All other Schedule IV drugs is First Offense : Not more than 5 years. Fine not more than $250,000 if an individual, $1 million if not an individual.

This is still very wrong though and still illegal if she were to actually dispense propofol.

So what can you do if you are outraged that AV is offering to illegally dispense the anesthetic Propathol (Propofol)?

You can report her to the DEA in Kentucky (KY is handled out of the Detroit office; see map of DEA offices in the link provided below) and/or to the local LE authorities there.

Here is a link to fill out an online complaint form that the DEA has provided for our convenience.

Resources re: the DEA:

(list of DEA offices)

Resources for info re: Propathol (Propofol):

Resources for info re: MAS: