Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amy Verder Plays the Victim... Again!!

We all had a good laugh when we saw the following post by Amy Verder. 

It's not only typical of Amy to play the victim card like this, as she has done so many times in the past, but it's just downright crazy.

Take a look at her latest rant against her so called stalkers....

According to Amy Verder, her enemies are sending threatening emails to officials and vets about her. She claims that someone local is stalking her vet's office.

Hmm... why would anyone threaten these individuals? Are they responsible for Amy's crimes? There is no motive for anyone to threaten them.

It would not be surprising if officials and vets have been contacted by people with complaints about Amy. She's the one who operates without ethics or transparency. She's the one failing to rescue animals responsibly with her sham of a rescue, Let Them Live Rescue.

Amy seems to think she knows who is behind these alleged threats that she says are related to her. She will probably blame her usual targets who she alleges have some sort of vendetta against her. We know most of these individuals and they are all pretty outspoken and determined to speak out against Amy but they don't have a vendetta against her. They just want her to stop scamming and hurting animals.

No one working on our blog has reported her or complained about her recently to any officials or to any vets. We are aware that others have said they were going to make calls inquiring about dogs she rescued or said they were going to send emails complaining about her rescue but whether they did or not we do not know.

If there is any truth in these allegations, it could be anyone. This woman has a lot of enemies. They are all people that she has lied about, harassed, stalked and bullied online and done horrible things to. People that she wanted to silence because they knew the truth about her, her scams, and her rescue.

She wants us to believe that her life is in danger? That people have threatened her life? That she filed a request for an emergency protective order?


I think we've all heard these sorts of claims from Amy Verder many times in the past. This is nothing new. Just a different day and perhaps different people.

She has accused many people over the last several years of threatening her by phone, text, emails, and even by violating her property and killing her animals. Not once has she ever provided photos, police reports or any documentation to support these allegations.

Slandering people with such serious allegations and not providing proof is despicable. Good people have been hurt by her crap and it's way past time for her to "put up or shut up" as they say.

Amy Verder is a liar who is also very conniving and manipulative. She kind of reminds me of a cult leader whose blind followers believe anything she says, do anything she asks, and supports her despite the fact that it just makes no rational sense to do so.

Show us the proof Amy. 

We dare you.

Irony. She accuses others of things that fit her to a tee.

"Psychopath" (sociopath) -> Amy Verder. 

One who consistently makes threats against others -> Amy Verder.

People who "turn psycho" that you meet online -> Amy Verder.

People who "become the person of your nightmares" -> Amy Verder.

We agree with her about one thing. 

We should all keep ourselves safe online. 

Safe from people like Amy Verder who uses others as a means to end, over and over, until she can no longer fool them and then they become her enemies, "out to get her" and she gets to play the victim, again and again.

It's time to stop the insanity. 

Prove it.