Monday, November 25, 2013

Susan Barrett Denies Conspiring with Amy Verder & Rages Against Others

This has been a strange week with new allegations, lies, divisions among people, and a lot of unnecessary drama and nonsense in our opinions. 

Most notably, Susan Barrett has been ranting and raving, posting many lies and attacking a group of people that she's had issues with in the past (or currently in some cases). She has done this on not one, not two, but THREE of her public pages. Talk about overkill. To be fair, Yolanda Rios is an admin on two of these pages so she could have been responsible as well. However, the atrocious spelling and grammar indicate this is most likely Barrett posting. 

The basic theme of Susan's allegations is that a group of people are conspiring against her. Her basis for this claim is that the group of people were cc'd on an email that Tracey Benzel sent out on Oct. 24th, where Tracey issued a cease and desist letter to Susan. None of those individuals asked to be included there as far as we know and many of them are not even in communication with each other, much less conspiring against Susan.

Susan likes to think that she can spin things however she wants and she always, always has an agenda that centers around her and whatever her end game may be.

Seriously, doesn't she have better things to do with her time than try to get back at people who have done her wrong or who she perceives have done so?

Last we checked, all of Susan's posts were still on her three Facebook pages, Rescue 101, NC Shelter Rescue, Inc., and the horrible For Them We Speak page. She was very quick to ban anyone who criticized her and it appears those individuals have all been banned from the pages and therefore their posts are no longer visible.

On the NC Shelter Rescue, Inc. page, many people posted requests for Susan to retract her libelous statements about them and several also issued cease and desist requests there as well. Susan's response was to ban everyone and to very clearly assert that she would not issue any retractions. Then she ranted some more as is her usual MO.

We won't repeat all that she said since most of it is her typical self-serving, "I'm a victim" BS, and hateful rants full of unsubstantiated "facts" and many lies. We could go on about her and all the underhanded, crappy things she does to others but our blog is not about Susan and it never will be. We will speak out however when she involves herself in things that concern us. Also, it's our understanding that others have plans to expose her in detail and we certainly hope they do so.

Our focus is only on the part that pertains to our blog and Amy Verder, as this is what is most relevant to us and to our audience.

In a previous article, Is Amy Verder Conspiring & Plotting Lawsuits Against Others, we exposed a claim by Amy Verder, of Let Them Live Rescue, which appeared to be that she had gotten information directly from Susan Barrett re: the LAG lawsuit. She claimed that Susan told her the information in question. We don't know if Amy's claim is true or false and we know that Amy is a consummate liar, yet this is what she claimed and therefore, it's what we reported here.

This is apparently Susan's response to Amy's allegation.

Really hope this post was made by Yolanda because talking about one's self in the third person is quite unnerving.

 This is in response to a post made re: the attorney for Let's Adopt Global.

So there you have it. Susan Barrett denies any communication with Amy Verder (and stated that the LAG attorney is not representing Amy as Amy also claimed).

Like she would admit it if it were in fact true, LOL.