Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update for followers of this blog

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing good and doing their part to make this world better for animals in whatever way they can. I just wanted to say a few things since all of a sudden there's been a ton of interest in this blog since the last posting.

First of all, this blog is intended to be about bad rescues, not about any one in particular. However, Let Them Live Rescue inspired this blog with their role in the Croft Transport of Death. They are operating very irresponsibly as I see it and this must not continue. Not when there is zero accountability or transparency in their rescue or proof that their rescued animals truly go on to have happy lives. This should be obvious but anyone can be fooled I suppose. So with that said, I fully expect for many of the future posts here to center around LTL and their many lies and bad decisions. They are never-ending and increasingly outrageous. I only post what I can prove or provide evidence to support, unless it's my personal opinions or my suspicious, in which case it will be clear that that's all they are.

Obviously I got someone's attention and this is a good thing. The victimization of animals should be something that we ALL fight against, no matter our personal issues or alliances with each other. If you are not willing to take an objective look at the people who are being questioned (and there are many of them) because there are red flags (no matter if you thought they were great), then what does this say about YOUR love for animals? I don't know about you, but I care more about the long-term happiness of an animal than I do about just getting him/her out the door of the shelter. No one wants to see animals getting slaughtered in our shelters but there truly are fates worse than death, as hard as this is to accept.

Oh and a big shout out to Ann Bridges for her planned transport to Let Them Live Rescue on March 24th from Gainsville, FL. to Taylorsville, KY. Anyone care about this dog at all? Ann sure as hell does not. I know for a fact that she should know better after her involvement in sending dogs to BUDDIES Rescue (Keith Wandell), not to mention that she was previously warned about Amy and LTL Rescue. Someone should really try to stop this poor dog from going to LTL but I think Ann is the sender so this poor dog is shit out of luck. :(

I will be posting more as I am able. It takes time to compile the facts and present them in a way that makes clear what it all means. Please be patient as I have a busy life with many other responsibilities and animal related endeavors. Thanks for your support, or your keeping watch anyway, lol.