Sunday, October 20, 2013

Amy Verder (Let Them Live Rescue) Uses 3 Tier Sex Offender Veterinarian

The other day, Amy Verder, the founder of Let Them Live Rescue, posted this plea for money for puppies that she stated had parvo. There's nothing unusual about that (she makes similar pleas like this quite frequently), except for the fact that she posted a vet's phone number that no one recognized. 

Posted by Amy Verder on 10/16/13, screen shot courtesy of the Good, the Bad, the Unforgivable of Animal Rescue page.

A simple search of this phone number brought up an abundance of highly disturbing information about this veterinarian. The vet, Dr. Bruce Langlois, is a three tier registered sex offender, for life, in Michigan. As disturbing as that is, that is not what I find to be the most distressing and upsetting information about him.

The most shocking things that were uncovered involved his record with animals. Animals have surely suffered immensely thanks to this horrific person. The photos of one poor dog's spay incision were especially upsetting to me, as were the horror stories that are posted by loving pet owners whose animals were subjected to the cruelty of this man. He also concocted some sort of drug that was never approved or licensed for veterinary use and he used this on many of his patients, without the knowledge or consent of their owners. 

He has also created a non-profit spay neuter organization. His statements about how quickly he can perform these surgeries and some of his practices during surgery are very alarming

Dr. Langlois has obviously been in trouble with the law and he has also been reprimanded by the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine, including having his license to practice veterinary medicine suspended at one point. 

It's my understanding that these puppies were or are being fostered in Michigan. When I found out about this the day she posted the vet's phone number, I was blown away at the utter stupidity of Amy Verder for choosing this particular vet. A very brief search would have revealed that this is a vet no one in their right mind would trust within a mile of their pets.

This proves yet again that Amy has no real regard for the welfare of her rescued animals. If she did, she would not place them in harm's way. She would be diligent about their care and safety every step of the way. 

Animals are nothing more than dollar signs to Amy Verder. A source of income and a way for her for feed her narcissistic need for attention.

Bottom line, all that matters to her is herself. 

Photo property of Pet  Friends Magazine

Except from the Huron Daily Tribune (article link below)  

10/21/13 We were just made aware that there is a Facebook page, Spay Neuter Express Complaints, that was created to report the stories of people whose pets suffered because of Dr. Langlois and his Spay Neuter Express organization. There is one there by Bridgett Jewell that is very heartbreaking. The page also alleges that the Humane Society of Midland County is using this organization to spay and neuter their animals. We have not verified if that allegation is accurate yet but if it is true, that is also highly disturbing.


Let Them Live Rescue/Amy Verder - Yet Another Attempt to Steal from Animals

New Hope Pet Rescue in Michigan has recently issued a statement (10/6/13) about their negative experience with Amy Verder and Let Them Live Rescue. Denise Rose, the founder, posted it as a Ripoff Report titled "Let Them Live Rescue Amy Verder Sponsorship Money Never Sent Taylorsville Kentucky." 

According to their report, Amy promised them a large sum of money if they would take 12 dogs from her that were supposed to be fully vetted. However, Amy never produced any paperwork that indicated they had been vetted. Amy agreed to pay them $2,000 once the dogs were safely in the care of New Hope Pet Rescue and then another $2,500 at some point afterward. Amy told her that she had a sponsor who was donating this money to help get the dogs safe and their needs taken care of. This was over a month ago and according to this report, Amy still has not paid any of this money to them.

The rescue is threatening to sue her and we hope that she does just that. It's about time that someone hold her accountable for the underhanded things that she does under the Let Them Live Rescue name. Animals deserve better from their rescuers and people should not be taken advantage of either.

This report been attracting a lot of attention as well as some vile posts that Amy has posted recently as well. I anticipate more comments will be added to the report due to this so please be sure to check the link often for new ones.

Note the comments on this post go in reverse order of when they were posted.


We have had several recent requests to publish a lot of information here, which we will get posted as soon as we can. Much of it is not new information but it hasn't been shared in such a public way before. Amy obviously has an unhealthy need for attention. We are happy to oblige and help put her name in headlights. Please stay tuned.

Ripoff Report: Let Them Live Rescue