Monday, November 11, 2013

Is Amy Verder Conspiring & Plotting Lawsuits Against Others?

There's an interesting story going around that allegedly Amy Verder has recently made claims that the Let's Adopt Global (LAG) lawyers have taken on her case against her so called stalkers.

For those that are unaware, LAG filed a defamation suit against many individuals earlier this year, mostly against animal advocates who were speaking out against them for how they run their organization. 

We don't believe there is any truth in these alleged claims by Amy but let's explore this for a moment.

Why would LAG want to help Amy or her rescue, Let Them Live Rescue? 

They would not do that unless it was of some benefit to them. Amy claims she cannot afford to hire an attorney to fight those she perceives as her enemies. What motive would LAG have to take on her unfounded case pro bono?

Furthermore, the attorneys for LAG are in the state of Massachusetts and it seems unlikely that they would be licensed to practice law in the state of Kentucky where Amy lives.

What is Amy's motive if she is in fact making this claim?

Amy lies constantly, without any hesitation or remorse, so it could simply be that she wants to lend false credibility to herself. Examples of Amy doing this in the past include her claims that she was fully trained as a veterinarian, that she was a licensed veterinarian, and her and LeAndra Verder's claims that the dog Sweeney Todd that LeAndra adopted in 2010 was once a Michael Vick dog. 

It's also possible that Amy believes that the LAG attorneys will take on her case and is speaking as if it's a done deal when in fact it isn't. Or there's always the possibility that the alleged claim is true, but that is highly unlikely.

We believe we have found the catalyst that may have inspired Amy to make this claim, if indeed she did.

As you will see in the many screen shots included in this post, a most interesting conversation took place between Amy Verder and Debbie Ryan, a LAG supporter. This is based off of a copy of the conversation that Amy shared with another party.

The conversation (as posted by Amy) starts out with some intriguing comments. It appears that Amy had already received some information, or rather misinformation, re: the LAG lawsuit. 

Could it be that Amy was conspiring with her arch enemy, Susan Barrett, at some point prior to this?  

Amy alludes to this by stating that she was told that LAG lost their lawsuit and that the person who stated this information was Susan.

We compiled these comments from the original screen shots to show at a glance what was said by Amy and Debbie.

Debbie Ryan approached Amy and encouraged her to get involved in supporting LAG and their lawsuit. She also made sure to direct Amy to Michelle Shaw and the recent allegations against her by people who have issues with her.

Most telling is the fact that Debbie was quite obvious in her attempts to make Amy believe that LAG could help her in her fight against others because they shared common opposition from certain individuals. She obviously had an agenda but whether this was purely her own or she was working on behalf of someone else is undetermined at this point.

The full conversation that Amy shared is included below, minus a long list of names that are neither accurate nor relevant to the topic at hand, which was the last thing that she posted from her conversation with Debbie Ryan. 

Also, we purposely did not include prior messages that would have identified the person who Amy shared this information with, for their own protection. This individual had no involvement with this situation but was merely the recipient of this information by Amy, for what purpose is anyone's guess.

Please be aware that there are many untrue claims that Amy states throughout this conversation. We are sharing this information not to perpetuate Amy's lies, but rather to further illustrate her awful behavior and to reveal the claim that she allegedly made and the conversation that may reveal other pertinent information. 

There is also a statement by her that could very well be interpreted as a credible threat. 

Make no mistake, Amy Verder is indeed a very dangerous person, to both animals and people. She thrives on using and hurting others and there is no limit to the cruel and malicious lengths she will go to silence others.

Beware of her and those who support her and her rescue.

Note that this was posted by Amy Verder on Oct. 21, 2013. The messages that Amy copied in this thread between her and Debbie are dated from 10/19 to 10/21.

11/11/13 Additional info:  
It was suggested that including the list of names that Amy shared with Debbie Ryan and comparing them to an accurate list of names could be of some value. It does show yet another example of how Amy lies and passes on false information.

The group private message Facebook thread that Amy refers to is called the Mega Thread. It was started in April 2012 about a bad transporter but it evolved into a thread re: Amy Verder, with additional info interspersed as well along the way. 

There have never been 220 people on it as she claims. That is a gross exaggeration. For a very long time, there has only been approximately 90 or so people on the thread. Some of the names that Amy sent to Debbie Ryan were never on the Mega thread and many of the ones she lists were there a very long time ago but left the thread. Others have been added since. 

Amy is on the Mega thread, along with at least two of her fake profiles so what is her excuse for sharing this misinformation?

A copy of the current list of members of the Mega thread, dated today:

Amy's list that she sent to Debbie Ryan:

This was sent to us with a request to add it here. Looks like people are getting upset at the crap that these women said that pertains to them. We understand.



  1. It looks like many of the defendants in LAG's action have never even heard of Amy Verder. It's interesting that this Debbie Ryan claims to know so much about it all. There's evidence in the screen shots of a smear campaign planned by Ivan Jimenez/Viktor Larkhill of Let's Adopt Global, yet he's the one claiming to be the victim of slander and defamation. So ridiculous, all of it!

    1. Yes, that is LAG's MO. They do an excellent job of slandering and defaming others, as well as threatening and bullying anyone who opposes or questions them all the while claiming to be victims of the same behavior. Their lawsuit was not about anyone who actually slandered them, since as far as I know any allegations made against them were well founded. The lawsuit was about ONE THING - protecting their highly profitable scam. It is groups like LAG that are destroying rescue and hurting animals the most because they have conned such a large number of people into buying into their BS.

      I can't really say how many of the defendants knew or had heard of Amy before or even if she was somehow involved, but what seems obvious to me is that she had hoped to use the lawsuit to her advantage. The fact that she clearly supported LAG, despite so many of us knowing the truth about them, and obviously hoped they would silence some of her enemies is telling. AV cares only about herself and how she can hurt others, not about what will help animals. As far as Debbie Ryan, she was clearly a cheerleader of LAG and in my experience, that is a big red flag. It could be that she was just a blind supporter and naive, but at the very least her judgement was very poor and she contributed to animals being hurt and used for profit.

  2. It's what Amy does. She's currently pushing charges against her own family. All false accusations. She is the master of lies

    1. I agree. Amy is a master of lying, manipulating, and using people to further whatever agenda she has. I will look into any charges she may be pursuing but if you have any additional information about this, I'd love to hear about it. I know that she has made allegations in the past of physical altercations among some of her immediate family members. I also remember when she got a black eye and claimed that it was because a can fell off of a shelf and hit her in the eye. She even posted a photo of her bruised eye on Facebook. I have to wonder now if someone in her family hit her and then she decided to spin it as an accident in order to get sympathy and attention. It is definitely something she would do.


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