Monday, November 25, 2013

Susan Barrett Denies Conspiring with Amy Verder & Rages Against Others

This has been a strange week with new allegations, lies, divisions among people, and a lot of unnecessary drama and nonsense in our opinions. 

Most notably, Susan Barrett has been ranting and raving, posting many lies and attacking a group of people that she's had issues with in the past (or currently in some cases). She has done this on not one, not two, but THREE of her public pages. Talk about overkill. To be fair, Yolanda Rios is an admin on two of these pages so she could have been responsible as well. However, the atrocious spelling and grammar indicate this is most likely Barrett posting. 

The basic theme of Susan's allegations is that a group of people are conspiring against her. Her basis for this claim is that the group of people were cc'd on an email that Tracey Benzel sent out on Oct. 24th, where Tracey issued a cease and desist letter to Susan. None of those individuals asked to be included there as far as we know and many of them are not even in communication with each other, much less conspiring against Susan.

Susan likes to think that she can spin things however she wants and she always, always has an agenda that centers around her and whatever her end game may be.

Seriously, doesn't she have better things to do with her time than try to get back at people who have done her wrong or who she perceives have done so?

Last we checked, all of Susan's posts were still on her three Facebook pages, Rescue 101, NC Shelter Rescue, Inc., and the horrible For Them We Speak page. She was very quick to ban anyone who criticized her and it appears those individuals have all been banned from the pages and therefore their posts are no longer visible.

On the NC Shelter Rescue, Inc. page, many people posted requests for Susan to retract her libelous statements about them and several also issued cease and desist requests there as well. Susan's response was to ban everyone and to very clearly assert that she would not issue any retractions. Then she ranted some more as is her usual MO.

We won't repeat all that she said since most of it is her typical self-serving, "I'm a victim" BS, and hateful rants full of unsubstantiated "facts" and many lies. We could go on about her and all the underhanded, crappy things she does to others but our blog is not about Susan and it never will be. We will speak out however when she involves herself in things that concern us. Also, it's our understanding that others have plans to expose her in detail and we certainly hope they do so.

Our focus is only on the part that pertains to our blog and Amy Verder, as this is what is most relevant to us and to our audience.

In a previous article, Is Amy Verder Conspiring & Plotting Lawsuits Against Others, we exposed a claim by Amy Verder, of Let Them Live Rescue, which appeared to be that she had gotten information directly from Susan Barrett re: the LAG lawsuit. She claimed that Susan told her the information in question. We don't know if Amy's claim is true or false and we know that Amy is a consummate liar, yet this is what she claimed and therefore, it's what we reported here.

This is apparently Susan's response to Amy's allegation.

Really hope this post was made by Yolanda because talking about one's self in the third person is quite unnerving.

 This is in response to a post made re: the attorney for Let's Adopt Global.

So there you have it. Susan Barrett denies any communication with Amy Verder (and stated that the LAG attorney is not representing Amy as Amy also claimed).

Like she would admit it if it were in fact true, LOL.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Is Amy Verder Conspiring & Plotting Lawsuits Against Others?

There's an interesting story going around that allegedly Amy Verder has recently made claims that the Let's Adopt Global (LAG) lawyers have taken on her case against her so called stalkers.

For those that are unaware, LAG filed a defamation suit against many individuals earlier this year, mostly against animal advocates who were speaking out against them for how they run their organization. 

We don't believe there is any truth in these alleged claims by Amy but let's explore this for a moment.

Why would LAG want to help Amy or her rescue, Let Them Live Rescue? 

They would not do that unless it was of some benefit to them. Amy claims she cannot afford to hire an attorney to fight those she perceives as her enemies. What motive would LAG have to take on her unfounded case pro bono?

Furthermore, the attorneys for LAG are in the state of Massachusetts and it seems unlikely that they would be licensed to practice law in the state of Kentucky where Amy lives.

What is Amy's motive if she is in fact making this claim?

Amy lies constantly, without any hesitation or remorse, so it could simply be that she wants to lend false credibility to herself. Examples of Amy doing this in the past include her claims that she was fully trained as a veterinarian, that she was a licensed veterinarian, and her and LeAndra Verder's claims that the dog Sweeney Todd that LeAndra adopted in 2010 was once a Michael Vick dog. 

It's also possible that Amy believes that the LAG attorneys will take on her case and is speaking as if it's a done deal when in fact it isn't. Or there's always the possibility that the alleged claim is true, but that is highly unlikely.

We believe we have found the catalyst that may have inspired Amy to make this claim, if indeed she did.

As you will see in the many screen shots included in this post, a most interesting conversation took place between Amy Verder and Debbie Ryan, a LAG supporter. This is based off of a copy of the conversation that Amy shared with another party.

The conversation (as posted by Amy) starts out with some intriguing comments. It appears that Amy had already received some information, or rather misinformation, re: the LAG lawsuit. 

Could it be that Amy was conspiring with her arch enemy, Susan Barrett, at some point prior to this?  

Amy alludes to this by stating that she was told that LAG lost their lawsuit and that the person who stated this information was Susan.

We compiled these comments from the original screen shots to show at a glance what was said by Amy and Debbie.

Debbie Ryan approached Amy and encouraged her to get involved in supporting LAG and their lawsuit. She also made sure to direct Amy to Michelle Shaw and the recent allegations against her by people who have issues with her.

Most telling is the fact that Debbie was quite obvious in her attempts to make Amy believe that LAG could help her in her fight against others because they shared common opposition from certain individuals. She obviously had an agenda but whether this was purely her own or she was working on behalf of someone else is undetermined at this point.

The full conversation that Amy shared is included below, minus a long list of names that are neither accurate nor relevant to the topic at hand, which was the last thing that she posted from her conversation with Debbie Ryan. 

Also, we purposely did not include prior messages that would have identified the person who Amy shared this information with, for their own protection. This individual had no involvement with this situation but was merely the recipient of this information by Amy, for what purpose is anyone's guess.

Please be aware that there are many untrue claims that Amy states throughout this conversation. We are sharing this information not to perpetuate Amy's lies, but rather to further illustrate her awful behavior and to reveal the claim that she allegedly made and the conversation that may reveal other pertinent information. 

There is also a statement by her that could very well be interpreted as a credible threat. 

Make no mistake, Amy Verder is indeed a very dangerous person, to both animals and people. She thrives on using and hurting others and there is no limit to the cruel and malicious lengths she will go to silence others.

Beware of her and those who support her and her rescue.

Note that this was posted by Amy Verder on Oct. 21, 2013. The messages that Amy copied in this thread between her and Debbie are dated from 10/19 to 10/21.

11/11/13 Additional info:  
It was suggested that including the list of names that Amy shared with Debbie Ryan and comparing them to an accurate list of names could be of some value. It does show yet another example of how Amy lies and passes on false information.

The group private message Facebook thread that Amy refers to is called the Mega Thread. It was started in April 2012 about a bad transporter but it evolved into a thread re: Amy Verder, with additional info interspersed as well along the way. 

There have never been 220 people on it as she claims. That is a gross exaggeration. For a very long time, there has only been approximately 90 or so people on the thread. Some of the names that Amy sent to Debbie Ryan were never on the Mega thread and many of the ones she lists were there a very long time ago but left the thread. Others have been added since. 

Amy is on the Mega thread, along with at least two of her fake profiles so what is her excuse for sharing this misinformation?

A copy of the current list of members of the Mega thread, dated today:

Amy's list that she sent to Debbie Ryan:

This was sent to us with a request to add it here. Looks like people are getting upset at the crap that these women said that pertains to them. We understand.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amy Verder: Accusations by a LTL Foster of Physical Assault, Threats & Trespassing

November 6, 2013:

Amy Verder has gone way too far this time and she has crossed boundaries that no decent person would cross. She violated the basic rights of an innocent person and her young child and now animals that were safe and well cared for are at risk again for God knows what fate awaits them.

The allegations are that Amy and others went into her foster's home without her permission, then after the foster asked Amy to leave many times, Amy physically assaulted her, removed all of the animals that were in Let Them Live Rescue's name and she made horrible threats against the foster. The police were called (911) for assistance at least twice.

This latest attack was Amy's typical MO (but with an added element of very disturbing, violent behavior). Harassing, bullying, threatening and trying to intimidate those she perceives as her enemies. You know, people who know the truth about her shitty rescue practices and could damage her already very poor image.

Formal criminal charges are expected in Louisville, Kentucky very soon as a result of Amy's alleged criminal acts.

Here are the specific details as reported by the foster:

Earlier this evening, Elisha Rutan, a Let Them Live foster, informed us that Amy Verder came to her home uninvited and "barged her way inside" her home. She said that Amy brought her daughter, LeAndra Verder, Barbara Trimble and Barbara's husband to her home with her. Barbara and LeAndra also entered Elisha's home without her permission, per Elisha. 

After they pushed their way inside, an argument ensued between Amy and Elisha and Elisha called 911. Amy came there under the pretense that she wanted to reclaim the animals that Elisha was fostering. Amy was upset because Elisha had told her that either she put the animals in her name or else she needed to find another foster and pay for all of their expenses. 

Amy could not handle this ultimatum apparently based on tonight's events.

A little of the back story for a moment. 

Amy allegedly sent many animals (mostly dogs and puppies) to Elisha to foster yet there was never a foster contract given to her for any of them. Elisha also adopted a puppy named Jack from Amy and no surprise, there was no adoption contract given to her for him either. Elisha has witnessed many things that Amy was allegedly doing that are unethical and very irresponsible at the least, some of which are very possibly criminal.

It wasn't until Amy refused to pay for the medical bills of puppies that got sick as a direct result of Amy sending unquarantined puppies to her home to be fostered, that Elisha became frustrated and upset. These are puppies that Amy reportedly told her had been quarantined and vaccinated. In addition, Amy knew that Elisha was fostering another litter of 11 puppies and their mom at this time. 

So Amy endangered all of these puppies, plus Jack, by sending these sick puppies there which were found to have parvo shortly after they left Elisha's and were sent to Michele Barnes (Michele's Rescue) in Michigan. Jack did in fact get parvo but he was treated and he recovered.

Amy wanted Elisha to provide all of the vetting, the food, the physical care of these dogs and she wanted Elisha to pay for it all, yet she wanted the donations for the dogs to go to her paypal. Allegedly Amy told Elisha that she could adopt out the dogs as well. Essentially, Amy was only the rescue in name only. She did none of the things a responsible rescue would do.

Trouble had been brewing lately and LeAndra was letting it show. 

Were the Verder women already planning this gang effort to enforce the outcome they wanted and to assault Elisha?

Back to tonight's saga:

So Amy and Elisha were talking inside Elisha's home and Amy was raising her voice. Elisha said she must have told her at least 20 times to leave but Amy refused. 

Amy then allegedly proceeded to grab Elisha by her neck and also her arm, hard enough that there were still red marks there quite some time later.

Then Amy attempted to walk towards Elisha's young daughter's room. Elisha could not allow that to happen and she intercepted Amy but never touched her. Elisha merely advanced towards Amy in what I imagine may have been an intimidating way and Amy backed up and then left the house. 

But soon afterward, Amy allegedly came back and somehow entered the home again and also attempted again to try to walk towards Elisha's daughter's room. Presumably Elisha once again intervened and blocked Amy from being able to do so.

Then according to Elisha, Amy threatened her, stating that she was an unfit parent, that she would report Elisha to Child Protection Services, and said that she would take her daughter from her. 

The police were called again by Elisha, 26 minutes after the first 911 call was made.

Sometime during all of this, Elisha claims that LeAndra also entered her home without permission. Barbara was allegedly going through Elisha's home and trying to forcibly remove dogs.

The police finally arrived and Amy and the others were allowed to leave with the mother dog, her 10 puppies and two bunnies. Elisha was told that she could press charges for assault once she came to the police station to do so.

Two of the puppies were being quarantined at Elisha's due to having parvo, which they were being treated for (and they were responding well). Elisha feels that these pups also got sick as a result of Amy misleading her and sending unquarantined puppies to her home previously. Amy put all the puppies together in the vehicle when she left Elisha's property.

It is anyone's guess where any of these poor animals will end up now. Most likely they will be shuffled off to another shady rescue or just end up missing and unaccounted for like so many others do.

Here is Elisha in her own words on her page tonight. I'd say this woman is beyond upset and she has every right to be angry after the way Amy and LeAndra have treated her. She was a good foster for LTL, she seems to have been very dedicated and diligent and extremely careful with how she managed to care for sick dogs and healthy ones at the same time. I also think it's important to note that we've been in communication with her for awhile now but her first priority, and rightly so, was the well being and safety of these animals that she was caring for.


Oppose Amy Verder and this is the result.

Dare to challenge her and threaten her source of "income" and this is what happens. Harassment, attacks (verbal and now physical), threats, intimidation and stalking behavior.

Ironic that she claims to have stalkers. She does not. She merely projects her own shit onto others, accusing them of the BS she does.

There is no basis for Amy Verder to report Elisha to Child Protection Services. Furthermore, she has made these exact same threats before against another person (a rescuer in Georgia) who found out that Amy was collecting money for dogs that she did not have and were not hers. Amy acted on her threats too and reported the rescuer to CPS but the allegations made by Amy were unfounded and therefore, the case was dismissed.

This is merely Amy's way of hurting people where it will hurt the most. It's done out of vengeance and revenge against those she seems to believe are out to get her. Her enemies.

We will be covering all of the irresponsible and crappy things that Elisha has knowledge of re: Amy Verder in other posts very soon. Hopefully this will open some eyes to how she REALLY operates Let Them Live Rescue.

P.S. Sorry for saying the word "allegedly" so much but hey, we have to cover our asses too. 

Update 11/10/13:
We  spoke to Elisha Rutan again today and went over everything that occurred the night of this incident again. There are a couple of things that we need to clarify in the interest of being as accurate and fair as possible. There was some misinterpretation at the time we spoke to her earlier, even though we tried to verify that we understood her correctly. We apologize that these details were not available to us at the time and we want to make these things clear now.

  • There were 10 puppies (not 11), plus their mother and the two bunnies that Amy removed from Elisha's home and left with. This was purely our error. The litter was originally 11 puppies but one of the puppies, Layla, died a couple of weeks ago. (We did change this in the post above)
  • Elisha had told us previously that Amy had "grabbed my throat and my arm" and this is what our notes state from that conversation. However, she informed us today that a more accurate representation of the alleged assault would be:

    Amy then allegedly proceeded to attempt to grab Elisha by her neck but she got a hold of her by the chin instead, touching a small part of her neck as well, and she also grabbed her arm, hard enough that there were still red marks there quite some time later.
  •  We were told initially that Amy had "barged in" to Elisha's home when she opened the door and that Amy had not been invited in when she arrived. However this is not accurate, although Amy did allegedly enter her home without permission later. After speaking to Elisha today, this is our understanding of what actually happened. 
  1. When Amy first knocked on Elisha's door, Elisha opened the door slightly and told Amy to hold on so she could put her dogs up and then she shut the door and got her dogs situated.
  2. Elisha stated she went back to the door, opened it and then moved back to allow Amy entry into her home. This was what I would describe as nonverbal consent to enter.
  3. Elisha claims that they were standing about two feet or so from the front door and Amy immediately began speaking to her in a raised voice. Elisha said she told Amy she did not have a problem with her pulling the pups but that Amy needed to leave if she was going to raise her voice because her daughter was sleeping.
  4. Elisha said that Amy allegedly got even louder, yelling and calling her names, and she also moved closer to Elisha's face and acted in an aggressive manner. Elisha told Amy repeatedly to leave her home and that she was not welcome there. She told her that she needed to leave as it was now going to be a civil matter.
  5. Barbara allegedly entered the home without permission during this conversation and once things escalated, she intervened and pulled Amy out of the house. 
  6. Elisha claims that Amy allegedly entered her home a total of 4 times, the first time was with her consent and the final 3 were without her permission and Barbara escorted Amy out of the home all four times, Amy never left voluntarily. 
  7. Elisha said that she never gave her permission for LeAndra to enter her home and she allegedly entered the home twice. Barbara also helped to escort LeAndra out of the home, per Elisha.
  8. Barbara's husband allegedly also entered the home without permission, at least once. 
  • Elisha stated that Amy allegedly told her that she was going to call CPS on her and that she would take Elisha's daughter away from her, raise her as her own and adopt her and that Elisha would have to live with that the rest of her life.
  • There was another woman who arrived at the residence later and allegedly came to Elisha's doorway but did not enter. Her identity is unknown.

Elisha was still running on adrenaline from the evening's altercation and she was naturally upset after this and we may have misunderstood her true meaning re: certain words she used, leading to the misperception of what she said had occurred. These are understandable factors, but we regret that we did not have a better understanding prior to posting what we fully believed was accurate at the time.

We were also asked to add some additional info re: the transfer of the animals.

Elisha wanted to make it clear that she voluntarily gave the animals referenced above to Amy. In no way did she refuse to do so, although she did not want them to go. Barbara was allegedly trying to get the mother dog out of the home while Elisha and Amy were arguing but Elisha handed the puppies to Barbara herself. Elisha explained that she gave Barbara information about the puppies and their needs and she insisted that Barbara use bleach on her hands and arms after handling the two puppies that had been diagnosed as having parvo recently. Barbara cooperated with this and the puppies and other animals were safely removed from the home.

There are more details that could be elaborated on but this is sufficient for now and we are still hoping to see this addressed through the court system. Information that does not jeopardize the case may be forthcoming at a later date.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amy Verder Plays the Victim... Again!!

We all had a good laugh when we saw the following post by Amy Verder. 

It's not only typical of Amy to play the victim card like this, as she has done so many times in the past, but it's just downright crazy.

Take a look at her latest rant against her so called stalkers....

According to Amy Verder, her enemies are sending threatening emails to officials and vets about her. She claims that someone local is stalking her vet's office.

Hmm... why would anyone threaten these individuals? Are they responsible for Amy's crimes? There is no motive for anyone to threaten them.

It would not be surprising if officials and vets have been contacted by people with complaints about Amy. She's the one who operates without ethics or transparency. She's the one failing to rescue animals responsibly with her sham of a rescue, Let Them Live Rescue.

Amy seems to think she knows who is behind these alleged threats that she says are related to her. She will probably blame her usual targets who she alleges have some sort of vendetta against her. We know most of these individuals and they are all pretty outspoken and determined to speak out against Amy but they don't have a vendetta against her. They just want her to stop scamming and hurting animals.

No one working on our blog has reported her or complained about her recently to any officials or to any vets. We are aware that others have said they were going to make calls inquiring about dogs she rescued or said they were going to send emails complaining about her rescue but whether they did or not we do not know.

If there is any truth in these allegations, it could be anyone. This woman has a lot of enemies. They are all people that she has lied about, harassed, stalked and bullied online and done horrible things to. People that she wanted to silence because they knew the truth about her, her scams, and her rescue.

She wants us to believe that her life is in danger? That people have threatened her life? That she filed a request for an emergency protective order?


I think we've all heard these sorts of claims from Amy Verder many times in the past. This is nothing new. Just a different day and perhaps different people.

She has accused many people over the last several years of threatening her by phone, text, emails, and even by violating her property and killing her animals. Not once has she ever provided photos, police reports or any documentation to support these allegations.

Slandering people with such serious allegations and not providing proof is despicable. Good people have been hurt by her crap and it's way past time for her to "put up or shut up" as they say.

Amy Verder is a liar who is also very conniving and manipulative. She kind of reminds me of a cult leader whose blind followers believe anything she says, do anything she asks, and supports her despite the fact that it just makes no rational sense to do so.

Show us the proof Amy. 

We dare you.

Irony. She accuses others of things that fit her to a tee.

"Psychopath" (sociopath) -> Amy Verder. 

One who consistently makes threats against others -> Amy Verder.

People who "turn psycho" that you meet online -> Amy Verder.

People who "become the person of your nightmares" -> Amy Verder.

We agree with her about one thing. 

We should all keep ourselves safe online. 

Safe from people like Amy Verder who uses others as a means to end, over and over, until she can no longer fool them and then they become her enemies, "out to get her" and she gets to play the victim, again and again.

It's time to stop the insanity. 

Prove it.