Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is this what started Amy Verder’s vendetta of hate against Susan Barrett?

As many of you probably already know, there is a long, ugly history between Amy Verder and Susan Barrett. Amy, as far as I know, never met Susan online until the early fall of 2010, shortly after AV began her rescue, Let Them Live Rescue. Susan was reportedly suspicious of LTL and AV when Sharon Johnson and Bonnie Priddy approached her about their concerns regarding LTL, namely their fundraising via Chip Ins. Amy decided for her own reasons to launch a campaign of malicious and cruel attacks on SB founded by her hatred of Susan. Yet this was (as far as I am aware) BEFORE Amy had any knowledge that Susan was suspicious of her and LTL and was likely already watching her. So what was her motivation that set this whole awful chapter into motion that has been so detrimental to all parties involved? I can’t say for sure but the following facebook private messages from Oct. 2011 are the only thing that I’ve found that may explain Amy Verder’s initial hatred towards Susan Barrett. I do not think it is a coincidence that right after this AV started claiming that Susan was “bad” and that she was involved in terrible things that victimized and exploited animals. There has never been any proof produced by by AV (and later also by Susanna Boyd Fisher aka Cherokee Rayne Wolfsong) that I am aware of to substantiate the outrageous claims made by these individuals against SB. It would appear that these were only malicious lies created by these women for the sole purpose of some sort of revenge on Susan.

To be fair, I must point out that after Amy started doing malicious things to Susan, Susan seemed to get serious about trying to expose LTL as a fraud rescue. I do not approve of Susan Barrett’s typical tactics or her own (in my opinion) underhanded and dishonest ways of dealing with people. However, in this case, SB’s motivations might have been at least partly honorable. Allegedly, Susan was contacting shelters, the Secretary of State in KY, PayPal, other agencies, and I know she had contacted at least one reporter, Dena Stapleton, in her attempts to discover the truth about Amy and LTL. I can not fault Susan for this really, and even if her motivations were also personal, LTL really is a very bad rescue IMO, so it’s not like she was trying to set AV up to look bad. In this case, I will give credit to Susan for trying to expose LTL, for that was a good thing.

It is my belief that Amy took what happened in these private messages personally and blew the situation WAY out of proportion. She stated several times (4 times if I counted correctly) that Susan threatened Lea but then says "I know you did not harass me or threaten me or my children did not mean you as I stated not you at all.." This completely contradicted her earlier statements. She not only flipped out on this thread, she also attacked her friend Crystal Harley for being diplomatic and not agreeing with her that Susan was out of line, and according to Crystal, Amy brought this incident up quite frequently during the remainder of the time they were associated, which was about 8 months. So it would seem that for whatever reason, this incident was a huge deal to Amy. IMO, that is just further substantiation that AV has some serious issues. She's quite narcissistic among other things, so this was, of course, all about HER. How sad that all of the resulting negative things that happened may have been ignited by something so trivial and minor and fueled by her hatred. Seriously, is this the best way to deal with one’s anger or disappointment in others?

Now here is Amy again, six months later in mid-April 2011, on a Facebook page called *Animals Voice of Hope* BLACKLIST, still complaining about this perceived injustice. Drama? No, never Amy..