Saturday, October 26, 2013

RU Blog Update

A lot of attention has been focused on our blog lately due to the recent post about Amy Verder on The Good, the Bad, the Unforgivable of Animal Rescue's blog and Amy's hateful attacks and lies that appeared to be a direct result of their post. We received additional information (re: other actions related to that blog post) today which further supports this theory. 

There has also been a lot of drama that involves Susan Barrett and Michelle Shaw this past week that appears to be related to this. We have no comment about this for now but, in case anyone was wondering, Susan Barrett has no involvement with our blog and we would never support her, no matter if we shared a common goal or not.

For better or worse, we've been the one site that has consistently attempted to expose the truth about Let Them Live Rescue. They are not the only bad rescuers that are hurting animals, but they are definitely one of the very worst. There are much larger rescues that are doing the same sort of things on a larger scale (namely more money is involved) but because we know that Amy Verder is also a very disturbed person who can't even tell the truth about her own life (or about anything) we know she is a danger to both animals and to people. Her track record with others and with how she operates her rescue confirms that we are correct.

As we stated on an earlier post recently, we've been asked to post a lot of information re: Amy Verder and Let Them Live Rescue. Much of this info is not new to some of us who have been investigating LTL for years but the general public is largely unaware. We have agreed to publish everything that we can verify and which we have supporting evidence for. It is going to take some time as we have jobs and other responsibilities but we will create new posts as quickly as we can. We want all of you reading this blog to at least have all of the facts and documentation that we can provide so that you can make an informed decision for yourself about Amy Verder and Let Them Live Rescue. 

To help make the blog more user friendly and interactive, we have added a Contact Us form to the site. I tested it earlier and it worked well. This is the best way for people to contact us if they have information to share or wish to talk to us privately. We may try out other contact forms later but this is an important option, especially since more people are coming forward and wanting to share their horror stories about Let Them Live Rescue. 

We welcome constructive comments and suggestions, whether it's about our blog or a particular post, and we do moderate the comments but we try to be fair when deciding whether or not to publish them. If you have something to say that is beneficial to the topic (whether we agree with you or not), then we will publish your comment. However, if it is a personal attack, it includes info we know is false, or is threatening then we will not post it.

We are very glad we have the audience that we have and that people care enough to read our posts. Thank you for your support and even if you hate us, we still thank you for tuning in. :)

I think this is a good opportunity to ask everyone a couple of questions. We would really like to know what your thoughts are. Please answer in the comments below if you don't mind.

What do you think makes a rescue a good rescue? What criteria do you use to evaluate whether they are responsible and worth supporting?

What are the red flags that you look for to determine if a rescue is not responsible or what you would consider to be a bad rescue?

What are your opinions about Let Them Live Rescue, Amy Verder or LeAndra Verder?

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